An American Education

The blues escorted us into the schoolday
where we assembled

Half poised with blurred eyes and dulled intellect,
drugs in our pockets and knives in our shoes,

we sat

Education as a container does not hold.

Not the dated histories
Not the scientific violations
Not the ancient english

We all planned escape
but instead studied aversion

Disappointment disguised as instruction taught us to hide our gifts and grow the scars of apathy that kept us seated.

A forsaken mass,
unable to disengage.

Two thousand hours given at america's table.



at america's table.


  1. This is sadly true - and raw and honest and that makes it a thing of beauty

  2. Powerful and heartbreaking. I hope our new administration can work toward change.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Excellent and true.

    It's so sad what we do to our children. All I ever wanted while at school, was to escape.

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