Angels In The Field

When she left that morningI told her to drive carefully.She smirked.Drive recklessly then, I barked.

Later she called me
I could hear her moaning

and dialing

Trying over and over again.

I called her name, but she couldn’t hear me.
All I heard was the same three tones


I felt my belly restrict and go cold
Lost out there somewhere was she
Again she moaned.


I hung up.
It wasn’t me she needed.

Later I found out she had flew.
just minutes after leaving me.

She had landed in a farmer’s field.
Hidden from the road.


The angels that spared her,
sent for help.They arrived to find her broken

I had barked at her that morning.
Drive recklessly I said.

I threw away her bloody clothes

On my knees…
I thanked the angels who spared her
That night I walked to the field
Under the winter sky
I felt the brush of wings on my face

1 comment:

  1. Omigosh, that is beautiful.

    I believe in angels. I have seen them, and I have received messages from them.